How It Works

Read the Steps below to understand how it works for Courier firms on Promptfinder Network

    Step 1

Sign up on Promptfinder, Fill our Kyc Form and Get Approved with 24 - 48 Hrs of business verification.

   Step 2

Setup your account by entering your branches and setting Dispatch location, pricing of areas you cover and Pick up fees. Which allows you visible to shops on the network.

   Step 3

Approve delivery request of Online shops who request your firms has their delivery partner while selling with their Online shop on Promptfinder Network.

   Step 4

Please note once A customer buys from any shop you handle delivery for. You would get a Real time notification with swift payment into your bank account. So handle deliveries and win 5 star rating from your shops

Features of Logistics CRM

We have built Logistic & tools with features that would help you handle realtime ecommerce orders on the Network.

Exposure to Online shops

Advert Package exposing firm to Online shops

Courier Agent Management

Create multiple Courier agents to handle deliveries

Tools & Dashboard for Courier Agent

Control system for Courier agents to control deliveries

Courier Supervisor Logistics Tools

Logistics Software to control and track Courier activities

Full Payment System

Full Payment Service to recieve Funds ASAP (Within 24 hrs)

Livechat to Online Shops

Livechat to communicate with Online Shop merchants

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