How Promptfinder Works

The simplest way to Find and Communicate with Businesses and Organisations.

Step 1. Join Promptfinder Network !!

Take an extra step to grow your business or Organisation. Join the Promptfinder Network and get visibility to Customers.

Step 2. Access Promptfinder Innovative Business and Communicative Packages !!

Login into your Promptfinder Account, Get Livechat ,Shopping system, advert system and lot more.

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Take an extra step to Upload Your products and business information for Customers to communicate with you.

Step 4. Start Selling, It that easy !!

You can now sell and make money on Promptfinder network, Your customers are here and ready to buy.

Step 1. Join Promptfinder Network !!

Take advantage of the Numerous Businesses and Organisations on the Network, Join to Find and Communicate with them.

Step 2. Start Finding businesses or Org of Interest !!

Finding businesses is now easier, Take out time to do innovative searches or direct search with Merchants Username.

Step 3. Interact with Merchants or Org !!

Communication & Lasting relationship is key, Peruse through information of your found businesses or orgs. Add them to your favourite list for constant follow ups

Step 4 Buying is Key !!

Exercise your purchasing power, buy products and services from your merchants. Pay your bills and donate to a less privilege one.

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