Refund Policy

Once an order is placed customers cannot get refunds except on very special occassions or scenarios which would be listed below

  • Case Scenario 1: If at any event the Company or Organisation can not fullfill that order. Such company would have to refund the customer. But please note that money refunded would exclude cost of commision and VATs.
  • Case Scenario 2: In a case fraudulent practices from the Companies or Organisation, Acts of fraud could include delivery of substandard goods, delivery of different product which is inferior to the quality of the product the customers ordered for or not business not making a delivery within the speculated time for delivery of products. Customers are advised to flag such orders as returned stating the reason for such actions. Please note that adequate investigations would be taken to ensure that your claims are valid. The Business or Organisation in question would have to make payment for such refund if found guilty. Please note that Case scenario 2 is only limited to ecommerce products. Also note Delivery fees would only be returned to Customer when order is yet to be shipped to the customer's shipping address.
  • Please note that there would be no refund for using the donation system

Delivery Policy

All deliveries are the sole responsibility of the delivery firm or courier firm assigned to do the order. Please be aware that the delivery firm or courier firm will do everything they can to meet the delivery time you specified, however delivery times may be affected by factors beyond their control and therefore cannot be guaranteed. The delivery firm is meant to inform you of such circumstances which would lead to delays

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